Sweater Basics for the Big & Tall Gent

Chunky or thick knit sweaters are a welcome addition in the cooler months but can pose a challenge for a big and tall gent. Sweaters may create extra bulk and a disproportionate look on a taller, bigger, and broader man. However, the good news is, a variety of sweaters in many cuts, styles, and fabrics exist that compliment a big and tall build.

Following are some of the key considerations for the bigger, and/or taller, modern urban gentleman when looking for a sweater that will be versatile and stand the test of time:


As a general rule, look for sweaters that are lose enough to be worn with a collared shirt or t-shirt underneath while still tight enough to be worn comfortably under a jacket.

As for a dress shirt, or suit jacket, the shoulder seam of the sweater should lie as close as possible to the corner of the shoulder. This is the foundation of a proper all around fit.

Sweaters should be cut close to your body. The body of the sweater should lightly skim the torso while being long enough to cover the waistband of your jeans or trousers. Avoid sweaters that are so bulky or "blousy" that they cause extra folds in the waist area - never a good look.


Above all, cashmere is the premier choice of sweater fabric. This thinner material provides optimum warmth in the fall and winter while preventing unwanted bulk. Cashmere sweaters layer well with collared shirts and are comfortable to wear under a blazer. Quality cashmere sweaters are a great investment as they will last for years and provide ample opportunity for wear.

Wool sweaters are abundant although many are chunkier and heavier. A vertical cable knit pattern can help elongate the torso and maintain a proportional look on the broader man. The big and tall gent should not shy away from a chunky sweater, simply ensure that the sweater is not so thick that it cannot be warn under a jacket. The traditional look of a wool sweater is a must for any classically styled gent especially colder months.

Cotton sweaters are the lightest version of sweater fabric and can work well for autumn, spring or cool summer evenings. These sweaters also layer well with collared shirts. Additionally, cotton sweaters can be comfortably worn directly on the skin, as they are not itchy like some wool tends to be.


The crew neck sweater is the most classic choice. It layers perfectly with a collared shirt and stands on its own paired with dark wash jeans. Wear it in solid colours or patterns such as argyle. This sweater, when fitted properly, pairs well with a blazer.

V-neck sweaters are flattering on a broader frame, helping to elongate the chest area. This style looks classic with a collared shirt and tie. When wearing with a t-shirt, pair with another v-neck instead of crew neck t-shirt.

The turtleneck is another staple - every man's wardrobe should have one. Wear it under a suit or blazer with flat-front trousers. Opt for a darker colour to help slim the upper body.

Lighter cardigans are a good layering option in the cooler fall and spring temperatures while thicker cardigans lend a helpful hand in the winter months. The cardigan pairs well with collared shirts, blazer, or even a suit.

A quality sweater is well worth the investment. Versatile across seasons and occasions, we recommend that big and tall men have at least 2 or 3 in the wardrobe at all times. Follow these simple guidelines, stay away from anything loud, festive, or straight out of a 70's ski movie and you'll be well placed for a range of outfit and style combinations.

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5 Not-To-Be-Missed Autumn Tips for the Skinny Gentleman

Autumn is upon us. Here are some dead-simple tips for the skinny urban gentleman to keep you looking modern and stylish through the cooler months.

1. Skinny Jeans - Don’t Do It

First thing - “skinny” describes the trouser, not the wearer. If you’re lean for your height then skinny jeans are not for you. Skinny trousers will make you look even thinner, which is the last thing you need. Unless you’re auditioning for the Walking Dead, slim and straight is the current and timeless cut for a skinny gent. Check out our Gentlemans Guide To Denim Jeans for the full low-down.

2. Layer With Autumn Colours

A simple strategy for the fashionable skinny man is to employ layering. Add a cardigan to a plain T-shirt or a tailored fit blazer for a night out in the city. For autumn days, as winter approaches, colours like gray and black are the right choices to play with in layering. Also neutral colours like navy, khaki and gray are safe hues that can be worn in any season and are particularly suited to the cooler months. For fabrics, wool is perfect for autumn while denim will always be in fashion.

3. Fit Always Comes First

In choosing a blazer, jacket or shirt - first things first - make sure it fits. Select a blazer with a length aligned to your to your hips, longer or shorter than that is out of proportion. A skinny man should avoid the temptation to wear looser fitting clothes, it doesn't fool anyone and doesn't flatter in the slightest. Make intelligent use of layering (see above), choose the right fabrics, and make sure it fits.

4. Stick To Round Neck Tops

If you don’t want people saying that you can’t afford to eat, stay away from v-neck shirts. Stick to crew neck or turtle neck - both perfectly suited to wear during the autumn months. Not only will you hide those bony collar bones, layered with the right blazer or jacket it will also look stylish and elegant.

5. Leather Is A Must-Have For Autumn

Not only can it scream luxury, it is perfect for cold weather. One of the coolest current trends is the bomber jacket - re-invented from the athletic arena to a street style staple item, it even has its place this season in the classically styled wardrobe. Often quite bulky, and with a leather touch - it’s perfect for the skinny urban gentleman.

Autumn or not, fit remains the key to look classy and stylish especially for skinny gentlemen. Dark hues sit in the right lane for autumn, while wool and leather are the fabrics for the season. And please, if you have skinny trousers in your closet do everyone a favor and throw them out or give them to people in need.
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The 1 Minute, Power-Packed, Anti-Fat, Anti-Aging, Wakey-Wakey Breakfast of Champions

That's right, its got it all. And it's cheap too. As a matter of fact it will probably save you money compared to whatever you're doing now.

What You'll Need

1. Protein shaker
2. Ice making ability


1. Chocolate Protein Powder
Nothing fancy, don't get too caught up in the myriad powders out there, just make sure it's low carb and low fat - i.e. it should have at least 3 times as much protein in it as carbs or fat.
1 serving

2. Nescafe Green Blend Instant Coffee
1-2 teaspoons

3. Water
about 300ml

4. Ice
a handful

5. A Banana


Total prep time: 1 minute

1. Put ice in shaker
2. Put water in shaker
3. Put protein in shaker
4. Put coffee in shaker
5. Shake
6. Drink the shake and eat the banana


  • Power packed - Banana = Natures's energy bar.
  • Anti-fat - because it's a high-protein, low-carb, low-calorie start to the day which will kick in your metabolism and keep you relatively full at least until it's time for a healthy mid-morning snack.
  • Anti-aging - because the coffee is full of anti-oxidants that's why. They run around your system cleaning up all those free-radicals and toxins and keeping your cells in tip top working order for the long haul. 
  • Wakey-wakey - because of the caffeine obviously. Bonus benefit: you won't need to stop and buy that overpriced latte on your way to the office so you've saved net money AND time with this breakfast. And don't tell us "Yes, but I really enjoy my morning coffee on the way to work". Man up. And move on.
  • Breakfast of Champions - Why not?

Another Bonus Benefit

  • It tastes pretty good.


Use your imagination. If bananas are out of season, choose a different fruit. Or make it a different fruit each day.

Let us know what you think. Got your own champions breakfast? Send it in we'd love to hear about it.

And if you're carrying a few extra pounds, combine this with a decent diet for the rest of the day and regular exercise and you might just find slim fit shirts starting to appear in your personalised Sizemikk feed. Try it.

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Jacket Guide For The Small Gentleman

With the arrival of the cooler months, a variety of jackets are essential for any well-dressed man. Whether putting together a casual, business casual, or formal look, it is important that the jacket has a proper overall length and fit. This can be challenging for the smaller gent. Read on for tips for a variety of jackets for the man with the smaller frame.

The Tuxedo Jacket

An occasion calling for the wearing of a tuxedo jacket never fails to present itself to the modern gent. Whether dressing for a wedding, gala, or other formal event, it is important that the classic tuxedo jacket is accompanied with a proper fit.

To begin, shoulder pads are a great jacket element for a shorter man of average build. Shoulder pads help draw wanted attention and add bulk. However, be weary of too much padding as it can create a disproportionate, unnatural look. 

When it comes to jacket lapels, a short gent has a variety to choose from. A notch lapel, which includes a slight opening in the location where the collar meets the lapel, is flattering on a short man of average build. This slimmer lapel is in proportion with the body build. A peak lapel, or pointed lapel, adds an elongated look due to its angular shape. This lapel style creates a taller look on a shorter gentleman.

Length is an important element of a tuxedo jacket. Avoid jackets that are too long, as they will create a disproportionate and boyish look. The hem of the jacket should come around the palm of the hands and cover the entire back area. 

The Blazer

Due to its versatility, the blazer has been a long-time staple in any man’s wardrobe. Especially in a business casual environment, blazers are an almost daily occurrence. Thus, it is crucial that the blazer fits properly.
Blazers feature one or two vents. Although two vents allow more freedom of movement, a one-vent blazer is still a comfortable fit for a shorter gent.

The shorter man of average build can wear both a single or double-breasted blazer. A single-breasted blazer has only one row of buttons, which creates a slimming and elongated look, preferable for a smaller man. However, the added bulk of a double-breasted blazer, with its two rows of buttons, is also welcoming. When wearing a double-breasted blazer, ensure that the jacket is cinched at the waist, preventing an ill fit.

As previously mentioned, fit is crucial in a blazer due to its versatility. Ensure that the jacket has full movement in the shoulders but not a baggy look. In the chest and stomach area, the jacket should always have enough room to be fully buttoned. Similar to the tuxedo jacket, the hem of the blazer should hit right at the wrists and cover the entire backside.

The Sports Jacket

Although not as versatile as the blazer, the sports jacket is another important item in a man’s closet. The jacket is similar to the blazer but usually made of a different material such as tweed or patterned in herringbone. Due to its heavier construct, it is ideal for the cooler months. This jacket plays up any gent’s manliness and is a welcomed piece.

The sports jacket is distinct for its use of pockets with flaps. This feature is fortunately well suited for most body types and can even add a bit of added volume to a smaller build.

Shorter and smaller men can make use of a patterned sports jacket to add visual weight or volume to the upper half of the body.

Similar to the previous jackets, the sports jacket should allow enough but not too much room in the shoulder and chest area. Again, the hem should hit right at the wrists and cover the entire backside.

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A Gentleman's Guide to Business Casual - Spring/Summer

Although the warmer months bring a more relaxed feel, it is important to continue dressing stylishly in professional settings. The importance of business casual wear has brought about a number of clothing options suited for the warmer weather. Follow these tips for an all around guide to business casual wear in the spring and summer.


The classic, collared, button down shirt is simply a must in all seasons. However, the materials, colours, and patterns change from season to season. To keep cool and dry in the summer, opt for light cotton or linen.

When it comes to colours, look for pastels in lilac, pink or green. Pair with a complimenting light blazer or a patterned tie in the same colour scheme.

Patterned collared shirts are a great way to express your personality and are currently available in many varieties. Chequered shirts have been popular for a few seasons and are a nice alternative to solid colours.  Chequered shirts are flattering on most body types and work particularly well on the taller and skinner gent.

Explore further with a paisley print in softer colours, such as a cream background and some paisley detail in blues or purples. Avoid overwhelming and tacky styled paisley designs, which are all too common.

Finally, a denim shirt in a variety of shades is perfect for a business casual look. The spring and summer months especially allow this shirt to be paired with a variety of trousers from navy to beige to the brighter colours.

Ensure that the fit around the shoulders and chest are well suited. Every gent should know the measurements for their shirt down to the arm length and width of the neck. Avoid a billowing look when tucking in the shirt, which is contrary to business casual attire. Ensure the shirt is just slightly tight.


A business casual look does not demand for trousers and jackets to match. Feel free to mix and match within your wardrobe. Lightweight blazers are a perfect option in the summer months. Although the navy blazer is ideal in all seasons, alternate with creams, mid greys, and even seersucker. In recent seasons, bright coloured blazers such as a Kelly green have become popular and pair well with a white collared shirt and navy trousers.

On all gents, the blazer should fit lose enough to be fully buttoned but not hang too loosely off of the shoulders. The blazer should be long enough to cover the backside. In the arms, the blazer should hit right at the wrists and allow shirtsleeves to peak out slightly. Finally, for the skinnier gent, shoulder pads within the blazer are a great option.


Cotton and linen trousers are ideal in the warmer months. Look for navy, grey, seersucker, or cream colours. Chinos in shades of beige are a great option. As already mentioned, the trousers can be mixed and matched with varies blazers.

As with blazers, brighter coloured trousers are becoming popular. Many classically styled gents have been sporting red, green, or sky blue trousers.

Finally, depending on the office or social atmosphere, the spring and summer business casual look allows for jeans to be warn with a collared shirt, tie, and blazer and still maintain a business casual style. If wearing jeans, always opt for a dark wash.


Keep shoes to solid colours in navy or various shades of brown and camel, all of which pair amazingly well with a variety of trousers and blazers. Suede is a popular option during the spring and can even be carried over to the summer. Look for loafers and Derby shoes.


While leather was a smart choice in the cooler months, switch to a classic canvas bag. Many canvas styles that are not too casual are on the market today. Look for colour schemes incorporating camel, brown, and olive tones.

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A Gentleman Never Skips Breakfast

Time is precious in the morning. In the rush to work, it's tempting to skip that extra 5 minutes for some breakfast. But wait. Breakfast may be more important than you think...

Did you know?

Men who eat breakfast are less likely to be overweight than those who skip the meal, and are less likely to have high cholesterol.

So, how about swapping out that mid-morning croissant and latte for a bowl of oats and a glass of fruit juice?

Why eat breakfast?

Breakfast literally means 'breaking the fast'. Having been without food all night, your body is low on energy and needs fuel, in the form of food, to get going again.

Complex carbohydrates or low-glycaemic (low-GI) foods are the best sources of energy for your brain. They slowly break down into glucose, providing a long-lasting source of energy.

Researchers have found that eating breakfast can help brain function, important for us all - our kids, athletes, office workers and high-flying power brokers alike. Studies have found people who always skipped breakfast were 27% more likely to have a heart attack.

Yeah, but I wouldn't mind losing a few kilos...

Many a man is tempted to skip breakfast in an attempt to lose weight, however, research shows that a man who eats breakfast tends to eat less fatty foods and fewer calories during the day. Eating breakfast kicks in your metabolism and helps balance your food intake throughout the day and makes overeating less likely. If you have had a bowl of cereal first thing, you are much less likely to reach for the cookie jar or that donut during the morning.

What makes a healthy breakfast?

The best choices for breakfast are high in fibre and low in fat. Breakfast should account for about 25 percent of your daily energy requirements. Choosing wisely can help you include many essential nutrients and can help you well on the way to achieving your recommended daily fibre intake. Look out for breakfast cereals that are low in sugar and high in fibre.

Breakfast cereals tend to be high in B vitamins and if served with milk you also get your intake of calcium and a dose of protein as well. Choose one or two percent milk to cut down on fat.

Juice it up

A fresh fruit smoothie is a great way to start the day. Chuck some fruit and ice in the blender and give yourself a vitamin blast first thing. If you don't have time for this, try a glass of fruit juice. Concentrated orange juice has just as much vitamin C as freshly squeezed, so don't worry if you can't get hold of the very fresh kind. Vitamin C content of juice decreases the longer the carton/bottle is open so to get the most benefit you should drink it within 3 days of opening.

Juice isn't enough on its own to set you up for the day. If you are not having breakfast cereal, have some whole-grain toast with low-fat spread and, ideally, marmite (or vegemite for the Aussies amongst you), which contains lots of B vitamins. If you don't like marmite, have a small helping of jam or honey instead.

Prefer something cooked?

If you have time in the morning there are plenty of healthy, cooked options. Try a poached egg or beans on toast, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, and a French omelette, or a lean-cut bacon sarnie (grilled of course).

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, so says the old adage. Make sure you make time for your most important meal of the day.

Don't Forget the Protein

A healthy breakfast has a minimum of 5 grams of protein, though for the active gentleman (and if you're not active you're no gentleman in the the Style Magnate's book) we'd suggest upping that to 20 grams to keep you lean and keen. And for a man in a hurry, combine a low fat protein shake with a piece of fruit and you are good to go.

Key Points

  • After a night without food, your brain and body needs fuel to get going.
  • Breakfast can help improve your mental performance.
  • The best choices for breakfast are low-fat, high-fibre foods that provide sustained energy throughout the morning. Try breakfast cereal or whole-grain toast.
  • Don't forget the protein - at least 5grams

People who eat a healthy breakfast are less likely to be overweight than those who skip the meal.

Fact Or Myth

Myth: skipping breakfast is a good way of losing weight.

Fact: eating a healthy breakfast can help reduce the total number of calories you eat in a day and can actually help you lose weight.
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The Perfect Fitting Dress Shirt

It doesn't matter how good the shirt is, the quality of the fabric, the designer brand, how shredded you are, how naturally handsome you might be - if the shirt doesn't fit, you look like shit.

Given that simple fact, The Style Magnate remains dismayed that most men still get it wrong.

The most common scenario is a shirt half a size, or more, too big. The shirt that balloons around the waist is just as unflattering as a skin-tight one. "Blousy" is a look no gentleman should be associated with.

Unfortunately, retailers don't make it easy to get it right. Even if you know your measurements there is no consistency in sizing and no two manufacturer's shirts fit the same. They all tend to vary somewhat about an average and any given shirt will fit very few people well. Unless you have the measurements of both the shirt and your body as with the Sizemikk Fit System, the only way is to try it on, take an honest look in the mirror, and follow these guidelines for nailing the perfect fit:

The Neck

Simple rule - you should be able to comfortably stick 1 to 2 fingers between your neck and the collar of your shirt when it's buttoned. And when we say 2 fingers we mean place your middle finger on top of your index finger and see if you can fit that finger stack in. If you can fit your whole hand in, it's too big, size down until you find it. If you can button the shirt but can't fit a finger in, go up 1/2 a size and try again.

Yep - that shirt fits

The Torso

The body of the shirt should be trim throughout the torso. Snug in the chest, with buttons lying flat, but with no sign of tension across your pecs even when you breathe in. It should taper from your chest down to your hip in line with your body shape - and that line of course is not the same for everyone. Point is, no billowing. And no exploding buttons - anywhere between your neck and hip.

Box pleat - for beefy guys

The Back and Shoulders

The seams of the shirt should lie at the start of the curve of your shoulder. Broad, beefier guys should consider a shirt with box pleats (two folds between the shoulder blades) in the back for a little more room without extra volume. Slimmer builds should opt for more fitted styles, without pleats, contouring down towards the waist.

The Waist

As mentioned - no ballooning. Billowy folds don't hide anything, they only make it worse. We also don't want you bursting any buttons. Sitting down while wearing the shirt it should lightly skim your waist but have just a bit of room even after that big Friday lunch.

The Sleeves

With your arms by their sides, the cuff of your shirt should stop just at that corner where the base of your thumb meets the wrist.


The back of the shirt should be long enough to lie under your butt when your seated. Feel it there. That'll be good for your posture and it won't ride up and come untucked.

So, it's certainly not rocket science, however finding a shirt that truly fits unfortunately is not so easy. Traipsing from store to store trying on shirt after shirt. Or rolling the dice with an online purchase after navigating through incomplete sizing tables, product descriptions and length conversions. It can be painful. We believe there's a better way. The Sizemikk Fit System is the dead-simple way to find quality shirts that fit. Sign up today.

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A Gentleman’s Guide To Denim Jeans

Jeans, made from the material “jean”, were originally worn by sailors from Genoa in Italy in the 1700's. The word “denim” came from the name of a sturdy French material, serge de Nimes : serge (a kind of material) from Nimes (a town in France).

Jeans as we know them today were invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873. That year, the two men received the US patent for their pants made with copper rivets to reinforce the points of stress, such as at the pocket corners and bottom of the fly. They began manufacturing these sturdy, riveted pants which soon became the de-facto standard for miners and factory workers at the time.

Denim jeans became popularised in the 1930's thanks to cowboys wearing them in the many western movies that came out of Hollywood in the period.

In the 40's rival companies like Wrangler and Lee appeared. Then in the 50’s denim became popular with the youth as a rebel symbol thanks to TV and movies like Rebel Without a Cause with James Dean in 1955.

In the 60’s jeans were the pants of choice for uni and college students and thanks to the hippie movement, embroidered, painted and psychedelic versions emerged.

In the 80’s designer labels started appearing and acceptance of denim jeans became widespread - everyone who was anyone had to own them. Since that time it would be fair to say no gentleman’s wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of denim jeans.

Types of Denim


Raw denim is denim in its purest form. Unwashed after being dyed during production, it is dark, stiff and very durable. It fades with wear in certain areas, creating a natural distressed look over time. It also fades with washing.

A pair of raw jeans will take weeks or months to break in, but when the fabric finally does relax, it will adapt to your body. No two pairs of raw jeans will wear exactly the same. If you want a high-character, personalised garment, raw denim is the gentleman’s choice.


If comfort trumps fit and style (and we’d suggest it never should - they should go hand in hand), then treated denim can be suitable. Pre-washed and pre-distressed, in theory they are already broken in and won't stretch or shrink with subsequent washes.


Selvedge - quality
Selvedge denim is on the top shelf of the denim family, and as such the Style Magnate is a big fan.

Derived from the two words self and edge, it's a reflection of how the seam edge is also the natural edge of the cloth from which it is woven. It identifies a superior quality denim - manufactured using more threads making it heavier and more durable. There is usually a woven stitch, often red, further defining the quality and make of the fabric.

Japanese selvedge denim has a reputation as being the best denim in the world.


Originally unique to the women's domain, stretch versions of denim have become commonplace for men as well. It's mostly about comfort, and in the case of form-hugging skinny jeans, it's also about practicality. Adding 1% to 2% of spandex to the denim is enough to give it a softer, stretchier feel.

Fit Matters

Broadly, there are 5 different types of fit:
  • Boot cut - a close fit with a slight flare towards the bottom
  • Relaxed or wide fit - loose-fitting from waist to bottom
  • Straight cut - neither tapered nor excessively loose
  • Slim fit - tapered but not form fitting 
  • Skinny - tapered and form fitting
Jeans also come in 3 basic rises - low, medium and high.

Style Magnate Fit Tips

"The number one mistake? Buying a jean that fits perfectly. It'll stretch about a full size during your first 30 wears, so always size down." - Matt Baldwin, Baldwin Founder and Designer 
  • Shorter guys - go for a tapered fit. Stay well away from baggy jeans.
  • Heavier guys - go for wide-leg, straight-leg or slightly boot-cut shapes. Steer clear of tapered fit or skinny jeans.
  • Athletic builds - you may need to go for a wide-leg, but make sure they're not too loose, you still want to draw attention to your toned body.
  • Unless you’re slim or athletic, avoid low-rise jeans (the muffin-top isn't flattering for anyone). 
  • The cuff - If you’re taller, go ahead and roll em up an inch or two, or more. Especially if its selvedge (then everyone else can see it's selvedge too). But if you’re on the shorter or chunkier side, they should stop right on top of the shoe-line.
  • The Style Magnate wouldn't be seen in high-waisted jeans, no matter the body type. Give the skinny jeans a miss too. If Bond wouldn't wear them - you shouldn't either.
Daniel Craig, perhaps the shortest Bond, getting it right with the tapered fit

Denim Care

Honeycomb fade pattern
  • In general - avoid washing them too often.
  • For raw denim, many recommend waiting 6 months but we’d suggest you try going at least a few weeks before the first wash. And wear them as much as possible in that time. The idea is, the longer you wear them without washing, the more character and attitude they will acquire. And any whisker (crotch), honeycomb (knees), stack (above the feet) or train track (on the outside seam) fade patterns will be in just the right places for your body. 
  • During this time rub with a damp cloth if you need to remove stains. In the event of any odour, hang them outside on a sunny windy day. Or turn them inside out and shake them well.
  • When it’s finally time to wash your well-worn jeans, turn them inside out, button and zip, and wash at 40 or 60 degrees Celsius. Stretch the inseam while the jeans are damp. Hang dry - don’t tumble. 
  • If you wash the jeans too early, the indigo will bleed out over the whole garment, producing a characterless, even, dark indigo colour.
  • For treated denim, again, wash them as little as possible. Like when they’re stained. Or have lost their shape. If they begin to sag in the knees and seat, washing will tighten the yarns, helping the garment regain its original form. 

Denim Mistakes

Doubling down

Denim jeans + denim jacket. Actually this isn't strictly a mistake, but unless you're a cowboy, it's risky. If you must, make sure the denims are different shades - probably a darker jacket than the jeans.

Denim shorts

This has been inappropriate since 1997. May as well tuck in your shirt, don a belt and clip your mobile phone to your hip.

Acid Wash

We assume you already know that. If not, we have our work cut out for us. I suggest you reach out to Jenny immediately.

Hectic Prints

The Style Magnate doesn't wear Ed Hardy. Eva expresses it better than we could:
"Whenever I see a guy wearing jeans with embroidered stuff all over them, I always think his dick is the size of a baby carrot. Really. Just realize less is more." - Eva Amurri, actress

Don't do it

Denim jeans remain a versatile and stylish staple of every gentleman's wardrobe. The keys to getting it right are fit - knowing your body shape and choosing accordingly, and understanding the fabric.

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Summer Styling Tips for the Big & Tall Gent

The stylish gent has secured a classic cold weather look and feels confident in wools, knits, and plaids. These styles and cuts are often flattering for a taller, bigger man. However, what about the summer season? How does one stay cool, comfortable, and maintain a fell fitted style?

The main rule to remember for any season - fit is key. Once securing clothing that fits the big and tall shape, there is no fear in exploring with patterns, colours and materials.

The tips below will help the big and tall man maintain a smart and classic summer style.

Tip 1: Stay Cool, Calm and Collected in Linen

Summer often unveils unpredictable weather, for which linen is a great material. Linen will stay cool during hotter days and dry during humid or rainy weather. The material is breathable and therefore dries quickly. In the evenings, linen will layer well with a blazer or light topcoat.

Linen shirts look pulled together when tucked in but also relaxed and stylish when tucked out. As long as the linen shirt fits appropriately around the chest and shoulders, the rest is open for creativity. Collared shirts with the option to roll up the sleeve provide practically, comfort, and style.

Further, no modern gentleman should be afraid of linen trousers. Whether it's casual trousers for a day off or formal trousers for a day at the office, both will serve well in the summer weather and with summer styles. Once an appropriate fit is achieved, linen trousers match well with blazers, t-shirts, or collared shirts.

When buying linen one should make sure to stay comfortable and well fitted. A big and tall gent can wear slightly looser fitting clothing but must stay mindful not to create a baggy look.

Finally, linen is a smart investment. Quality linen will look smart and sharp for years to come.

Tip 2: A Colorful Summer

Colours can draw positive attention while exhibiting charisma and confidence. Colourful trousers are one way to show personality while still looking sharp and mature. Green or mustard trousers pair well with the summer style. Worn with confidence, less traditional colours such as pale pinks and mint greens work well on a larger, taller build.

Finally, patterns should never intimidate a big and tall man. One should simply remember to pair bright colours and patterns with whites, greys, and black for balance.

Tip 3: Polish off the Look With Accessories

Accessories are an easy find for the big and tall gent and should not be ignored. Accessories such as hats and sunglasses are not only smart but also a practical summer choice. Donning a straw hat on a trip to the country or beach adds style, personality, and protection. Any big and tall man should wear a hat with confidence. Stylish hats add positive attention to a bright or subdued outfit.

Finally, sunglasses can make or ruin a look. Stay smart by buying the proper frame to suit the face. Black or tortoise shell print is a classic look.

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The Sports Coat: A Checkered History

A standout scene from Mad Men Season 5 saw Donald Draper and Ken Cosgrove gathered for a Saturday night soiree in the lounge room of Pete Campbell. The three men were wearing sports coats with the classic check style synonymous with the 1960’s. The three jackets could be described as same-same but different, an ensemble of bright colours, bold patterns and understated elegance, a dress code that conveyed the cocky attitude of a rising star alongside the alpha confidence of a man who has nothing to prove.

For so long the Check Sports coat has been the realm of fancy dress, themed parties or the guy with a wayward fashion streak. But thanks in part to the rise of hipster movement and the renaissance of sixties style, the check sports coat has been given a new lease on life and found its way back into the wardrobe as an evening jacket that is great for dressing down when you need to style up.

Some designers have taken the move one step further, using wild and vibrant patterns normally seen on Aunt Mary’s wallpaper. Itsallstyletome.com described the fashion as the uber statement bringing a man one step closer to becoming a peacock. Combine with a neutral coloured pair of trousers to create a vivid but relaxed look that will get feathers flying.

If your sense of style takes a lead from the creative men of the 1960’s, include it in your personal profile on Sizemikk and we’ll show you where you can buy the fashions that suit your style.

Sizemikk – size, shape and style.

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The Dandy - Women Love Guys Who Dress Up

“It is, above all, a burning need to acquire originality, within the apparent bounds of convention. It is a cult of oneself, which can dispense even with what are commonly called illusions. It is the delight in causing astonishment and the proud satisfaction of never oneself being astonished.”
Charles Baudelaire, The Dandy.

The Dandy is one of the more colourful personas played by many successful men throughout history. Twenty-first century Dandies include Johnny Depp, Russell Brand, Austin Powers and Marc Hunter; artistes such as Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Oscar Wilde and Rudolph Valentino were much loved proponents, whilst the originals, Lord Byron, Casanova and Count Dracula, had their roots in English aristocracy and the courts of renaissance Europe.

Dandies are known for creating their own image, often mixing styles comprised of both masculine and feminine fashions. They appear as fluid and ambiguous, appealing to both men and women through a style that is attractive but elusive, often stirring up repressed desires. They are non-conformist but graceful, domineering and flirtatious. Think pirates, musicians, courtesans, performers and magicians. Dandies are players.

The independence and creative detachment of the Dandy will often give him the upper hand in the pursuit of love and seduction. The Dandy is synonymous with sexual freedom, drawing out the playful and rebellious side of a conservative mate.

The wardrobe of a Dandy will usually include brightly coloured small pieces selectively worn to contrast an otherwise nonchalant outfit – a red vest, a green tie, a paisley shirt. Well chosen luxurious materials such as velvet, lace and silk convey an appearance best described as, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”   

In more audacious getups, Oscar Wilde was known for his green velvet suit, Andy Warhol his silver wig while Austin Powers was adored by slinky women for his groovy garb.

Deep rich colours and creative patterns in jackets and suits, plain long flowing shirts, layered with natural materials and rustic bling. Dandies layer and accessorise but not to the point of overdoing it – less is more. Carry one piece with an air of indifference: a belt, a ring, a necktie, a hat or glasses. Create a spectacle through your own approach to the world, not through over-exertion in front of the mirror. 

At the end of the 19th century, American dandies were called dudes (Wikipedia.org). In the 21st century, every man is a dude but the modern dandy is a man is who mixes mystery with style and passion with fashion. He cooks rare and drinks rich. 

Create your own style. Then find it. On Sizemikk.
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Power Dressing for Leaders and Men of Action

Given the appalling state of politics in Australia, in both style and substance, our public representatives could take a few lessons from our closest allies. US President Barack Obama is well noted for his sharp suits and clean cut, leader-of-men demeanour, but even the dearly defeated Mitt Romney presented a style that evoked power, trust and confidence. Whereas the man who so desperately wants to lead Australia, and some might say PM-elect, Tony Abbott, stylistically is best known for his man-of-action in red togs appearances.

So what makes for solid power dressing? For men, the essential item is a well-cut, dark coloured suit. Depending on your working environment and your natural colours, you might do well with a mid-grey but generally speaking, a light shirt contrasted with a dark suit will convey a sense of confidence, strength and good old-fashioned masculinity. A white shirt against a dark blue suit is a classic but other powerful combinations are sky blue on navy, light pink on dark grey or for a casual, understated power, use a dark shirt under a light grey suit.

Shirts should be flat (no stripes or checks), leaving any texture or patterns to the suit and tie.

As for ties, red has always been symbolic with power but only when it doesn’t clash with the other pieces. When you’re wearing a light blue shirt under a dark blue or grey suit, go for a tie that has shades of blue or grey in it. The texture or patterns in the tie is your chance to show some character and exude a bit of charm, just don’t go wacky. No cartoons, no motifs.

Rath and Co has a great blog for guys looking for style tips that work well in business, whether you are in a creative, conservative or leadership role. The article on style for CEOs is insightful.

To bring it back to the men of power, I’d love to know your thoughts on which Australian politicians are leading the style stakes?

Malcolm Turnbull dresses to his strengths.

Paul Keating raised the bar as the world’s best dressed treasurer.
Paul Keating: world's most sartorial treasurer?

Who is leading the style stakes in the Australian halls of power?

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Dress for Your Body Shape: Small Men

Many celebrities of the short and stocky variety, and they range from the recent James Bond Daniel Craig to classic screen legends like Alec Guinness and Laurence Olivier, show that a good suit does make the man, even when you're on the short and broad side. 

James Bond on a Budget
Many fans were surprised when Daniel Craig received the role of Bond. With Craig being of a smaller-than average and slightly stocky frame, 007 was a role that had traditionally gone to taller men like Sean Connery and Roger Moore.

With classic clothing designs and visually striking styles that emphasise masculine features, Craig has redefined the Bond role and gone on to personify the magnetic look that has defined the franchise. 

Beyond the conventional tuxedo, a Bond staple, Craig demonstrates that slim-cut Levis, leather jackets, polo shirts and chinos can make a man stylish without out a black tie. Many would even suggest that although he is on the shorter side, no one has better exemplified the sophistication and style of the Bond character than Daniel Craig.

Fit, Fit, Fit
It's no secret that the key to men's clothing, whatever your height or build, is fit, fit, fit. 

An inexpensive suit of a good fit will always look better than an expensive suit with a bad fit. For shorter, stockier men this rule is all the more true. Baggy and poor-fitting clothes will make a shorter man appear smaller than he actually is. A good fit that flatters the lines of your body conveys that impression that you’ve brought your A-game. 

The Proper Sizing
Understanding your size when it comes to suits and business wear is of the essence when picking out a set of clothes that will give you an edge in the boardroom. Suits (and shirts) should sit square on your shoulders, not rounding off, and the difference in length between a 40S and a size 40L can differentiate a powerful and striking style from one that appears flimsy or underwhelming. 

Look at old photos of Laurence Olivier and you'll notice that his suits were often fitted in a traditional style that de-emphasised his shorter height. Making sure that sleeves are of the proper length, showing a quarter to a half-inch of the shirt cuff will give you a svelte appearance even on your worst days. 

Vertical Patterns for a Longer Look
Pattern matching is also important. A suit with vertical pinstripes, for example, can make your body shape appear longer than it might otherwise, and a cut that is wide in the shoulders and thinner through the frame can emphasise the muscularity of the body in a way that is both flattering and sophisticated.

A Step in the Right Direction
Keep in mind that the formal side of footwear will also increase your height! A pair of dress-shoes from a reputable company (for elegant shoes that don't break the bank, like Sperry or Bass) will often give you lift and posture. Casual shoe styles like blucher mocs or white bucks provide a bit of height with an elegant look that is essentially timeless. 

With these tips in mind, developing a personal style geared toward your size can be a major key to improving how you feel both physically and mentally. The rewards of looking good are numerous, with social status and business bearing two readily attainable benefits. Spend some time looking to those you admire of a similar size to   get positive leads on developing a style that can work for you. 
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Brora is one of Britain’s best-loved and most successful modern cashmere & clothing brands.

Since its beginning in 1993 it has steadily grown into a fully-fledged fashion label with its own distinctive viewpoint - wearable, subtle but highly individual, and mainly British-mad.

Scottish cashmere is still at its heart but every season owner and creative director Victoria Stapleton and her design team create an ever growing range of clothing to build a complete wardrobe around those beautiful knits using only the finest fabrics.
All Brora cashmere is made by their mill in the Scottish borders that has been producing cashmere for over 200 years - they are passionate about "made in Britain" and make the majority of our clothing in the UK.

Brora believe in sustainable fashion and sell beautiful clothing that can be worn season after season.

Brora were delighted to win the Best Knitwear Online Award in the Sheerluxe Online Shopping Awards 2010.

Indeed - nothing beats the luxurious feel of Brora's cosy Scottish cashmere and beautiful clothing.

You'll be able to find the Brora shirts that perfectly fit you soon at www.sizemikk.com
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Henri Lloyd

Henri-Lloyd, a British Sailing Heritage brand since 1963, founded by Henri Strzelecki MBE has established over five decades a formidable global reputation for innovative design and quality in sailing clothing.

Mr Henri, as he became universally known, founded the company based upon hard earned principles of honesty, integrity and freedom, and it is these principles that are the foundations of the Henri Lloyd brand today. One of Mr Henri’s many talents, passed on to his sons who have steered the business for the last two decades, was the ability to treat everyone with the same level of genuine interest, wit and charm whoever they were.

You'll be able to find the Henri Lloyd shirts that perfectly fit you soon at www.sizemikk.com
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9 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for the Tall Gentleman

With autumn on the horizon, men are seeking to build a fall wardrobe. We're here to help you with an all-occasions list of the basics every tall men must have.

At Work

1. The Navy Blazer

The Navy Blazer is a classic addition to any man’s closet, but especially that of a tall man. Tall men look best in a blazer with a single back vent and 2-3 buttons.

2. The Cap-Toe Shoe

Cap-toe shoes, while funkier than an oxford or a loafer, can be worn with almost anything, from jeans to a full suit. The cap toe can also help to minimise the look of big feet, which can look positively clown-like in a pointier shoe.

3. The Wool Suit

With winter chills just around the corner, it is time to move breezier suits to the back of the closet. A wool suit will keep you warm throughout the season. Look for autumn colours like deep charcoals and dark browns. The herringbone pattern in particular can help to keep a tall body in proportion.

On the Town

4. The Tuxedo Jacket 

The formal occasions of fall are different from those of summer. A fitted dinner jacket will see you through a wide variety of business dinners, charity events, or weddings. When considering what length jacket to buy, follow this system: if you are between 170-180 cm wear a regular jacket; 181-193 cm wear a long; and above 194 wear an extra-long.

5. The Peacoat

The Peacoat is one of the best wardrobe investments for fall. Wearing a peacoat adds structure to men of all builds, emphasising the shoulders and adding masculine shape.

6. The Leather Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are not only one of the trendiest looks for autumn, they are also one of the most troublesome for tall men. Many motorcycle jackets are cropped short, which can throw tall men out of proportion. However, there are several styles out there that fit longer bodies and look great. A plus? Biker jackets can add volume to the bicep area.


7. The Henley

Every man who wants to look great while feeling comfortable should own a henley. Or two. Henleys can be worn under thinner shirts to keep you comfortable or just worn solo with a pair of dark jeans. Tall men can layer a long sleeve henley under a short-sleeve t-shirt or over a polo shirt to break up the body and add visual interest.

8. The Classed Up Hoodie

Hoodies can thrive in other places than a university dorm floor. This lazy staple can be classed up by choosing a fitted design in a quality fabric. Tall men should avoid a hooded sweatshirt that rides up or is too short in the arms.

9. The Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you’re a burly chested bearded lumberjack or a svelte tall rocker, you can find a plaid that will fit you. Remember, the key to fitting a shirt lies mostly in the shoulders. If the shoulders of a plaid fit snugly, yet not tightly, the rest is likely to fit well, too.

Now you're on your way to a complete fall closet. If you'd like to receive more fashion tips tailored to your body type, enter your email address and subscribe to Sizemikk.

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Colours and Seasons for Men of Magnetic Style

Colour analysis is an important part of getting your style right. Men don’t do cosmetics and accessorise (Dandies and Queens aside), so getting your colours right is crucial to making the right impression with your wardrobe. A black suit looks the goods on a Winter but guys with a lighter complexion won’t do it justice. The Summer male does best with light colours, light fabrics and colours with a lower contrast.  The Autumn guy can wear colours that are fiery, earthy and natural, whereas Spring should be bright and sunny, typically colours that match your eyes.

Women love feminine colours on men. Get it right and your world will change, regardless of which gender or rank you are trying to impress. Your colour style can be as bold as a brightly coloured jacket, or as subtle as the stripe in a tie. People will see something in you that they just can’t put their finger on. 

Sizemikk provides a handy feature that matches search results with your season. Much has been written about what determines your season but generally it is dependent upon the colours of your eyes, hair and skin tone and how they blend or contrast.

In its simplest form, there are four seasons. Some experts work to sixteen, while the 12 season colour palette, used by most Colour Analysts, provides Cool/Light, Deep/Soft and Warm/Clear variations within each season.

But for now, we’ll keep it simple. Use the table below to work out your colour season.


Light Hair: blonde, light brown, light red
Light eyes: blue, green, hazelSkin: Fair & light

Low/soft contrast between eyes, skin and hair.

Dark Hair: black, dark brown, deep red.
Dark eyes: black, dark brown, red-brown, dark hazel or blue.
Skin may be light, medium or dark.
High contrast between eyes, skin, and/or hair
You look better in cool colours

Light Summer

Viggo Mortenson, John Slattery, Daniel Craig

Deep Winter

Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, John Hamm
You look better in warm colours

Light Spring

Owen Wilson, David Caruso

Deep Autumn

Denzel Washington, Daniel Radcliff, Russell Crowe

If you haven’t already done so, go and create a profile on Sizemikk, then start searching for clothes that match your shape, style and season.
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"The Cut of the Suit." A review of the Bond suit.

Skyfall has landed and while some critics are claiming best Bond ever, the standout element was Daniel Craig and the cut of the suit. Through many action scenes that saw Bond fighting, running, kicking, riding and jumping, the suit stayed true, always holding form as the hero’s suit of armour.

London’s Daily Mail reported that sales of suits increased by 68% in the weeks following the launch of Skyfall with the slim fit grey suit running out at record rates. Tailor and Bond fan Peter Frew of ArchangeloSartorial, says that the key to Craig’s suits holding form throughout is a higher set for the arm holes and the back of the jacket, allowing greater freedom of movement in a tightly fitted piece. Similarly, for skinny, slim fitting trousers, a higher crotch is the key for more aggressive movement.

While Tom Ford has taken the Bond suit to a new level of suave, were the tailors of earlier Bonds - Cavali, Brioni or Versace – the ultimate designers of a hero with sophistication? Sean Connery in tweed and the original classic tux. Did Roger Moore own something special with the white jacket tux? And Pierce Brosnan is often overlooked as a worthy Bond but he gets the nod from many women as the most savoir-faire.

If $4000 for a tailored suit is out of your reach, then get yourself a tailored look with a shirt, jacket and suit with a cut that was meant for you. At Sizemikk, you can create a profile with your own size, shape and style, then shop the stuff that fits like it was made to measure.

Sizemikk – get the tailored look.
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Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger is a revolutionary retail concept founded in Notting Hill in 2009 by brothers Henry and George Graham. The Wolf & Badger ethos is to promote, support and retail only the most exciting independent fashion, jewellery, accessories and interior design brands from the UK and beyond. With stores now in Mayfair, Notting Hill and online, Wolf & Badger is the essential destination to Discover New Designers!

You'll be able to find the Wolf & Badger shirts that perfectly fit you soon at www.sizemikk.com
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Emmett London

Emmett London produce the finest men's shirts and accessories to the very highest standards. Robert Emmett's designs combine contemporary and traditional, upholding the traditions of Jermyn Street tailoring while embracing a fresh approach to dressing the modern man.

Emmett stocks premium shirts in formal and casual styles, in slim, regular and super-slim fits, and a variety of collars, cuffs and fabrics.

Each shirt range is made in a limited edition of just 25, and new styles are added throughout the year, often as frequently as weekly. As the collection is being constantly updated in this way, keep checking the site to see all the latest arrivals.

With its fine fabrics, meticulous tailoring and innovative designs, Emmett offers a unique blend of Britishness, humour and quality.

Emmett London are always updating both their men’s shirt ranges, so keep checking the site to see all the latest arrivals to the collections.

Emmett London offer free delivery for UK orders above £150 and have the option for international delivery (free for orders above £250).

You'll be able to find the Emmett London shirts that perfectly fit you soon at www.sizemikk.com.
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