9 Autumn Wardrobe Essentials for the Tall Gentleman

With autumn on the horizon, men are seeking to build a fall wardrobe. We're here to help you with an all-occasions list of the basics every tall men must have.

At Work

1. The Navy Blazer

The Navy Blazer is a classic addition to any man’s closet, but especially that of a tall man. Tall men look best in a blazer with a single back vent and 2-3 buttons.

2. The Cap-Toe Shoe

Cap-toe shoes, while funkier than an oxford or a loafer, can be worn with almost anything, from jeans to a full suit. The cap toe can also help to minimise the look of big feet, which can look positively clown-like in a pointier shoe.

3. The Wool Suit

With winter chills just around the corner, it is time to move breezier suits to the back of the closet. A wool suit will keep you warm throughout the season. Look for autumn colours like deep charcoals and dark browns. The herringbone pattern in particular can help to keep a tall body in proportion.

On the Town

4. The Tuxedo Jacket 

The formal occasions of fall are different from those of summer. A fitted dinner jacket will see you through a wide variety of business dinners, charity events, or weddings. When considering what length jacket to buy, follow this system: if you are between 170-180 cm wear a regular jacket; 181-193 cm wear a long; and above 194 wear an extra-long.

5. The Peacoat

The Peacoat is one of the best wardrobe investments for fall. Wearing a peacoat adds structure to men of all builds, emphasising the shoulders and adding masculine shape.

6. The Leather Biker Jacket

Biker jackets are not only one of the trendiest looks for autumn, they are also one of the most troublesome for tall men. Many motorcycle jackets are cropped short, which can throw tall men out of proportion. However, there are several styles out there that fit longer bodies and look great. A plus? Biker jackets can add volume to the bicep area.


7. The Henley

Every man who wants to look great while feeling comfortable should own a henley. Or two. Henleys can be worn under thinner shirts to keep you comfortable or just worn solo with a pair of dark jeans. Tall men can layer a long sleeve henley under a short-sleeve t-shirt or over a polo shirt to break up the body and add visual interest.

8. The Classed Up Hoodie

Hoodies can thrive in other places than a university dorm floor. This lazy staple can be classed up by choosing a fitted design in a quality fabric. Tall men should avoid a hooded sweatshirt that rides up or is too short in the arms.

9. The Plaid Shirt

Plaid shirts come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you’re a burly chested bearded lumberjack or a svelte tall rocker, you can find a plaid that will fit you. Remember, the key to fitting a shirt lies mostly in the shoulders. If the shoulders of a plaid fit snugly, yet not tightly, the rest is likely to fit well, too.

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Colours and Seasons for Men of Magnetic Style

Colour analysis is an important part of getting your style right. Men don’t do cosmetics and accessorise (Dandies and Queens aside), so getting your colours right is crucial to making the right impression with your wardrobe. A black suit looks the goods on a Winter but guys with a lighter complexion won’t do it justice. The Summer male does best with light colours, light fabrics and colours with a lower contrast.  The Autumn guy can wear colours that are fiery, earthy and natural, whereas Spring should be bright and sunny, typically colours that match your eyes.

Women love feminine colours on men. Get it right and your world will change, regardless of which gender or rank you are trying to impress. Your colour style can be as bold as a brightly coloured jacket, or as subtle as the stripe in a tie. People will see something in you that they just can’t put their finger on. 

Sizemikk provides a handy feature that matches search results with your season. Much has been written about what determines your season but generally it is dependent upon the colours of your eyes, hair and skin tone and how they blend or contrast.

In its simplest form, there are four seasons. Some experts work to sixteen, while the 12 season colour palette, used by most Colour Analysts, provides Cool/Light, Deep/Soft and Warm/Clear variations within each season.

But for now, we’ll keep it simple. Use the table below to work out your colour season.


Light Hair: blonde, light brown, light red
Light eyes: blue, green, hazelSkin: Fair & light

Low/soft contrast between eyes, skin and hair.

Dark Hair: black, dark brown, deep red.
Dark eyes: black, dark brown, red-brown, dark hazel or blue.
Skin may be light, medium or dark.
High contrast between eyes, skin, and/or hair
You look better in cool colours

Light Summer

Viggo Mortenson, John Slattery, Daniel Craig

Deep Winter

Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, John Hamm
You look better in warm colours

Light Spring

Owen Wilson, David Caruso

Deep Autumn

Denzel Washington, Daniel Radcliff, Russell Crowe

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