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Summer Styling Tips for the Big & Tall Gent

The stylish gent has secured a classic cold weather look and feels confident in wools, knits, and plaids. These styles and cuts are often flattering for a taller, bigger man. However, what about the summer season? How does one stay cool, comfortable, and maintain a fell fitted style?

The main rule to remember for any season - fit is key. Once securing clothing that fits the big and tall shape, there is no fear in exploring with patterns, colours and materials.

The tips below will help the big and tall man maintain a smart and classic summer style.

Tip 1: Stay Cool, Calm and Collected in Linen

Summer often unveils unpredictable weather, for which linen is a great material. Linen will stay cool during hotter days and dry during humid or rainy weather. The material is breathable and therefore dries quickly. In the evenings, linen will layer well with a blazer or light topcoat.

Linen shirts look pulled together when tucked in but also relaxed and stylish when tucked out. As long as the linen shirt fits appropriately around the chest and shoulders, the rest is open for creativity. Collared shirts with the option to roll up the sleeve provide practically, comfort, and style.

Further, no modern gentleman should be afraid of linen trousers. Whether it's casual trousers for a day off or formal trousers for a day at the office, both will serve well in the summer weather and with summer styles. Once an appropriate fit is achieved, linen trousers match well with blazers, t-shirts, or collared shirts.

When buying linen one should make sure to stay comfortable and well fitted. A big and tall gent can wear slightly looser fitting clothing but must stay mindful not to create a baggy look.

Finally, linen is a smart investment. Quality linen will look smart and sharp for years to come.

Tip 2: A Colorful Summer

Colours can draw positive attention while exhibiting charisma and confidence. Colourful trousers are one way to show personality while still looking sharp and mature. Green or mustard trousers pair well with the summer style. Worn with confidence, less traditional colours such as pale pinks and mint greens work well on a larger, taller build.

Finally, patterns should never intimidate a big and tall man. One should simply remember to pair bright colours and patterns with whites, greys, and black for balance.

Tip 3: Polish off the Look With Accessories

Accessories are an easy find for the big and tall gent and should not be ignored. Accessories such as hats and sunglasses are not only smart but also a practical summer choice. Donning a straw hat on a trip to the country or beach adds style, personality, and protection. Any big and tall man should wear a hat with confidence. Stylish hats add positive attention to a bright or subdued outfit.

Finally, sunglasses can make or ruin a look. Stay smart by buying the proper frame to suit the face. Black or tortoise shell print is a classic look.


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