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The Sports Coat: A Checkered History

A standout scene from Mad Men Season 5 saw Donald Draper and Ken Cosgrove gathered for a Saturday night soiree in the lounge room of Pete Campbell. The three men were wearing sports coats with the classic check style synonymous with the 1960’s. The three jackets could be described as same-same but different, an ensemble of bright colours, bold patterns and understated elegance, a dress code that conveyed the cocky attitude of a rising star alongside the alpha confidence of a man who has nothing to prove.

For so long the Check Sports coat has been the realm of fancy dress, themed parties or the guy with a wayward fashion streak. But thanks in part to the rise of hipster movement and the renaissance of sixties style, the check sports coat has been given a new lease on life and found its way back into the wardrobe as an evening jacket that is great for dressing down when you need to style up.

Some designers have taken the move one step further, using wild and vibrant patterns normally seen on Aunt Mary’s wallpaper. described the fashion as the uber statement bringing a man one step closer to becoming a peacock. Combine with a neutral coloured pair of trousers to create a vivid but relaxed look that will get feathers flying.

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