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Jacket Guide For The Small Gentleman

With the arrival of the cooler months, a variety of jackets are essential for any well-dressed man. Whether putting together a casual, business casual, or formal look, it is important that the jacket has a proper overall length and fit. This can be challenging for the smaller gent. Read on for tips for a variety of jackets for the man with the smaller frame.

The Tuxedo Jacket

An occasion calling for the wearing of a tuxedo jacket never fails to present itself to the modern gent. Whether dressing for a wedding, gala, or other formal event, it is important that the classic tuxedo jacket is accompanied with a proper fit.

To begin, shoulder pads are a great jacket element for a shorter man of average build. Shoulder pads help draw wanted attention and add bulk. However, be weary of too much padding as it can create a disproportionate, unnatural look. 

When it comes to jacket lapels, a short gent has a variety to choose from. A notch lapel, which includes a slight opening in the location where the collar meets the lapel, is flattering on a short man of average build. This slimmer lapel is in proportion with the body build. A peak lapel, or pointed lapel, adds an elongated look due to its angular shape. This lapel style creates a taller look on a shorter gentleman.

Length is an important element of a tuxedo jacket. Avoid jackets that are too long, as they will create a disproportionate and boyish look. The hem of the jacket should come around the palm of the hands and cover the entire back area. 

The Blazer

Due to its versatility, the blazer has been a long-time staple in any man’s wardrobe. Especially in a business casual environment, blazers are an almost daily occurrence. Thus, it is crucial that the blazer fits properly.
Blazers feature one or two vents. Although two vents allow more freedom of movement, a one-vent blazer is still a comfortable fit for a shorter gent.

The shorter man of average build can wear both a single or double-breasted blazer. A single-breasted blazer has only one row of buttons, which creates a slimming and elongated look, preferable for a smaller man. However, the added bulk of a double-breasted blazer, with its two rows of buttons, is also welcoming. When wearing a double-breasted blazer, ensure that the jacket is cinched at the waist, preventing an ill fit.

As previously mentioned, fit is crucial in a blazer due to its versatility. Ensure that the jacket has full movement in the shoulders but not a baggy look. In the chest and stomach area, the jacket should always have enough room to be fully buttoned. Similar to the tuxedo jacket, the hem of the blazer should hit right at the wrists and cover the entire backside.

The Sports Jacket

Although not as versatile as the blazer, the sports jacket is another important item in a man’s closet. The jacket is similar to the blazer but usually made of a different material such as tweed or patterned in herringbone. Due to its heavier construct, it is ideal for the cooler months. This jacket plays up any gent’s manliness and is a welcomed piece.

The sports jacket is distinct for its use of pockets with flaps. This feature is fortunately well suited for most body types and can even add a bit of added volume to a smaller build.

Shorter and smaller men can make use of a patterned sports jacket to add visual weight or volume to the upper half of the body.

Similar to the previous jackets, the sports jacket should allow enough but not too much room in the shoulder and chest area. Again, the hem should hit right at the wrists and cover the entire backside.


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