Sweater Basics for the Big & Tall Gent

Chunky or thick knit sweaters are a welcome addition in the cooler months but can pose a challenge for a big and tall gent. Sweaters may create extra bulk and a disproportionate look on a taller, bigger, and broader man. However, the good news is, a variety of sweaters in many cuts, styles, and fabrics exist that compliment a big and tall build.

Following are some of the key considerations for the bigger, and/or taller, modern urban gentleman when looking for a sweater that will be versatile and stand the test of time:


As a general rule, look for sweaters that are lose enough to be worn with a collared shirt or t-shirt underneath while still tight enough to be worn comfortably under a jacket.

As for a dress shirt, or suit jacket, the shoulder seam of the sweater should lie as close as possible to the corner of the shoulder. This is the foundation of a proper all around fit.

Sweaters should be cut close to your body. The body of the sweater should lightly skim the torso while being long enough to cover the waistband of your jeans or trousers. Avoid sweaters that are so bulky or "blousy" that they cause extra folds in the waist area - never a good look.


Above all, cashmere is the premier choice of sweater fabric. This thinner material provides optimum warmth in the fall and winter while preventing unwanted bulk. Cashmere sweaters layer well with collared shirts and are comfortable to wear under a blazer. Quality cashmere sweaters are a great investment as they will last for years and provide ample opportunity for wear.

Wool sweaters are abundant although many are chunkier and heavier. A vertical cable knit pattern can help elongate the torso and maintain a proportional look on the broader man. The big and tall gent should not shy away from a chunky sweater, simply ensure that the sweater is not so thick that it cannot be warn under a jacket. The traditional look of a wool sweater is a must for any classically styled gent especially colder months.

Cotton sweaters are the lightest version of sweater fabric and can work well for autumn, spring or cool summer evenings. These sweaters also layer well with collared shirts. Additionally, cotton sweaters can be comfortably worn directly on the skin, as they are not itchy like some wool tends to be.


The crew neck sweater is the most classic choice. It layers perfectly with a collared shirt and stands on its own paired with dark wash jeans. Wear it in solid colours or patterns such as argyle. This sweater, when fitted properly, pairs well with a blazer.

V-neck sweaters are flattering on a broader frame, helping to elongate the chest area. This style looks classic with a collared shirt and tie. When wearing with a t-shirt, pair with another v-neck instead of crew neck t-shirt.

The turtleneck is another staple - every man's wardrobe should have one. Wear it under a suit or blazer with flat-front trousers. Opt for a darker colour to help slim the upper body.

Lighter cardigans are a good layering option in the cooler fall and spring temperatures while thicker cardigans lend a helpful hand in the winter months. The cardigan pairs well with collared shirts, blazer, or even a suit.

A quality sweater is well worth the investment. Versatile across seasons and occasions, we recommend that big and tall men have at least 2 or 3 in the wardrobe at all times. Follow these simple guidelines, stay away from anything loud, festive, or straight out of a 70's ski movie and you'll be well placed for a range of outfit and style combinations.

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5 Not-To-Be-Missed Autumn Tips for the Skinny Gentleman

Autumn is upon us. Here are some dead-simple tips for the skinny urban gentleman to keep you looking modern and stylish through the cooler months.

1. Skinny Jeans - Don’t Do It

First thing - “skinny” describes the trouser, not the wearer. If you’re lean for your height then skinny jeans are not for you. Skinny trousers will make you look even thinner, which is the last thing you need. Unless you’re auditioning for the Walking Dead, slim and straight is the current and timeless cut for a skinny gent. Check out our Gentlemans Guide To Denim Jeans for the full low-down.

2. Layer With Autumn Colours

A simple strategy for the fashionable skinny man is to employ layering. Add a cardigan to a plain T-shirt or a tailored fit blazer for a night out in the city. For autumn days, as winter approaches, colours like gray and black are the right choices to play with in layering. Also neutral colours like navy, khaki and gray are safe hues that can be worn in any season and are particularly suited to the cooler months. For fabrics, wool is perfect for autumn while denim will always be in fashion.

3. Fit Always Comes First

In choosing a blazer, jacket or shirt - first things first - make sure it fits. Select a blazer with a length aligned to your to your hips, longer or shorter than that is out of proportion. A skinny man should avoid the temptation to wear looser fitting clothes, it doesn't fool anyone and doesn't flatter in the slightest. Make intelligent use of layering (see above), choose the right fabrics, and make sure it fits.

4. Stick To Round Neck Tops

If you don’t want people saying that you can’t afford to eat, stay away from v-neck shirts. Stick to crew neck or turtle neck - both perfectly suited to wear during the autumn months. Not only will you hide those bony collar bones, layered with the right blazer or jacket it will also look stylish and elegant.

5. Leather Is A Must-Have For Autumn

Not only can it scream luxury, it is perfect for cold weather. One of the coolest current trends is the bomber jacket - re-invented from the athletic arena to a street style staple item, it even has its place this season in the classically styled wardrobe. Often quite bulky, and with a leather touch - it’s perfect for the skinny urban gentleman.

Autumn or not, fit remains the key to look classy and stylish especially for skinny gentlemen. Dark hues sit in the right lane for autumn, while wool and leather are the fabrics for the season. And please, if you have skinny trousers in your closet do everyone a favor and throw them out or give them to people in need.
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