Big Man's Guide - Rockin' the Casual Jacket

During cooler months, even the most elegantly styled gent requires casual jackets for those less formal outings. Here, we highlight three casual yet timeless jackets which compliment the bigger man’s look and fit. All three layer well, look smart with a pair of jeans, and are casual while remaining stylish.

The Leather Jacket 

Arnie - Casual Leather
The leather jacket is a most classic piece in any man’s wardrobe. 

For the larger man jacket lengths should hit around the upper to mid hip area. Avoid longer leather jackets, which were once a trend. To ensure a proper fit, the jacket should allow for full movement in the arms and shoulders. The jacket should zip comfortably without feeling too tight around the chest.

Black leather jackets are the most classic option, although brown and camel tones are also current. Pair the leather jacket with a dark pair of jeans and a v-neck sweater for a stylish yet casual look.

When purchasing a leather jacket, remember that this piece is an investment and one that will last for years. Look for classic, simple styles that will remain stylish throughout the ages. Consider a piece with a few minor details, adding some personality, but avoid heavy hardware or too much detailing.

The Bomber Jacket

Classic American Bomber
The bomber jacket originated as a pilot’s jacket, keeping the men fitted and warm in the cockpit. Despite its history, the style of the men’s bomber jacket has caught on around the world and is now a practical, cold weather staple.

Despite the short length and box cut of the bomber jacket, the big gent should never shy away from this style. The square cut of the jacket compliments the big man’s already masculine look.

Similar to the bomber jacket, ensure a full range of movement in the arm, chest, and shoulder area.

This year’s bomber jackets come in a wide variety of fabrics, materials, and styles. Quilted, printed, and leather bomber jackets are among the favorites.

The Field Jacket

A field jacket is truly a smart choice for the bigger gentleman. The rugged style of this coat is ideal for any larger man. As this jacket’s length is longer than that of a bomber or most leather jackets, the field jacket creates a slimmer effect.
Field Jacket - Practical

The various front pockets draw attention to a bigger chest and shoulder area, complimenting a bigger man’s build. Jackets in dark blue, green, or brown hues look great in this style. For the more adventurous, some versions of this jacket have appeared in shades of bright orange or taupe.

The field jacket is ideal for layering and easily accommodates a warm sweater or cardigan during the cooler months. However, due to the various pockets and detailing, avoid overlaying so as not to create unwanted bulk.

So there you have it, three options for the casual outer layer for the cooler months. Unless you live in the tropics, or never venture out during the day on weekends, you're going to need at least one of them.  And don't forget, above all else, the right fit is key for the bigger man. To guarantee it, check out

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Pin Collar Shirts

The team at Pin Collar Shirts love the individualism, style and character of the Great British eccentric. Their mission is to bring back some of this individual style to the workplace, starting with their signature ‘Pin Collar Shirt’ range.

With the big men's formal fashion brands' obsession with cutting costs, and inevitably cutting corners, the quality of the shirts available is deteriorating fast and the styles on offer are bland at best.

Countering that, Pin Collar Shirts are about distinctive designs, the highest quality fabric and exceptional customer service. Specialising in creating the finest luxury pin collar shirts and tab collar shirts available anywhere in the UK, they are market leaders of selling prestigious, handmade, luxury shirting and more.

"Create your own visual style..., let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.” - Orson Welles

We're very pleased to be able to say that you'll be able to find the Pin Collar Shirts  that perfectly fit you very soon at

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cœur is the new British menswear lifestyle brand for the modern day dandy.

Ingrained into the clothing is the 100% British silk jacquard fabric woven exclusively at one of England’s finest fabric mills. Combining the luxurious fabrics, bold colours and soft tailoring with quirky design details to generate a playful collection, cœur is giving confident gentlemen and modern day dandies a nod in the right direction.

cœur offers a range of menwear clothing, which includes tailored jackets, shirts, and trousers. They also have a line of neckwear accessories to complete the dandy outfit. Slim cut, the coeur range gives a clean silhouette and provides a youthful look.

Attention to detail is paramount for Peter Jeun Ho Tsang, cœur's founder and designer. The cœur signature notch is an example of this, in which every product bares this pass to the cœur club - showing quality in the product.

You'll be able to find the cœur shirts that perfectly fit you soon at


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Evocha was born out of respect for the details that matter. They create premium quality clothing at a better price using the finest fabrics, expert craftsmanship and a considered, refined approach to design.

The team at Evocha work with some of the finest suppliers and manufacturers in the industry, and by cutting out traditional retail costs and selling online-only they can offer the same quality as premium brands at better prices.

To top it off, when you buy an Evocha shirt you are helping beat cancer sooner. For every shirt purchased, they give £1 to Cancer Research UK.

"We want to build a company that makes a positive impact in the world, and you can help." - Evocha Founders

You'll be able to find the  Evocha shirts that perfectly fit you soon at

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Robinson & Dapper

Robinson & Dapper is a Scottish brand based in Denmark, creating and selling luxury handmade bow ties, neck ties and pocket squares.

Scottish wool is historically known as being some of the highest quality found in the world and Sarah, the company founder, is very passionate about transforming the traditional wool fabrics she grew up around into a modern fashion statement.

Robinson & Dapper use exclusive, pure Scottish wool fabrics throughout their range. Woven by some of the most historic and reputable mill companies in Scotland, the fabrics and are then shipped over to their workshop in Denmark, where all the accessories are made by hand.

Lambswool, tweed and twill are used through their range. They incorporate a unique variety of colours, weaves and weights of wool, as well as more classic textiles, making for a very complete, versatile collection suitable for both formal and casual wear.

It's heritage fabrics meet modern design. Stylish, handcrafted luxury for the modern urban gentleman.

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Pretty Green

Pretty Green Ltd

Pretty Green is a British clothing label founded and designed by Liam Gallagher. There are two distinct men’s collections; the Green Label is a focused casual range, dedicated to providing quality everyday signature pieces and the Black Label offers classic British tailoring, using fine fabrics with an innovative attention to detail.

He was voted 'The Greatest Front Man of All Time' by Q magazine earlier in 2010 but Liam Gallagher's no longer merely an iconic rock star; his menswear label has clobbered naysayers with its first three collections.

Hard-to-please London fashionistas are reported to be 'pleasantly surprised' indeed some 'very impressed'.

Moreover, customers have voted with their wallets on Pretty Green's combination of high production values and classic looks spun with street-style acumen.

Paul Weller, himself a style icon to more than one generation, wore a Pretty Green suit onstage during five night, sold out concerts at the Royal Albert Hall last year.

And, after a tremendously successful debut year, Pretty Green received the Drapers 2010 Menswear Brand of the Year Award.

You'll be able to find the Pretty Green shirts that perfectly fit your body and style soon at
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