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Big Man's Guide - Rockin' the Casual Jacket

During cooler months, even the most elegantly styled gent requires casual jackets for those less formal outings. Here, we highlight three casual yet timeless jackets which compliment the bigger man’s look and fit. All three layer well, look smart with a pair of jeans, and are casual while remaining stylish.

The Leather Jacket 

Arnie - Casual Leather
The leather jacket is a most classic piece in any man’s wardrobe. 

For the larger man jacket lengths should hit around the upper to mid hip area. Avoid longer leather jackets, which were once a trend. To ensure a proper fit, the jacket should allow for full movement in the arms and shoulders. The jacket should zip comfortably without feeling too tight around the chest.

Black leather jackets are the most classic option, although brown and camel tones are also current. Pair the leather jacket with a dark pair of jeans and a v-neck sweater for a stylish yet casual look.

When purchasing a leather jacket, remember that this piece is an investment and one that will last for years. Look for classic, simple styles that will remain stylish throughout the ages. Consider a piece with a few minor details, adding some personality, but avoid heavy hardware or too much detailing.

The Bomber Jacket

Classic American Bomber
The bomber jacket originated as a pilot’s jacket, keeping the men fitted and warm in the cockpit. Despite its history, the style of the men’s bomber jacket has caught on around the world and is now a practical, cold weather staple.

Despite the short length and box cut of the bomber jacket, the big gent should never shy away from this style. The square cut of the jacket compliments the big man’s already masculine look.

Similar to the bomber jacket, ensure a full range of movement in the arm, chest, and shoulder area.

This year’s bomber jackets come in a wide variety of fabrics, materials, and styles. Quilted, printed, and leather bomber jackets are among the favorites.

The Field Jacket

A field jacket is truly a smart choice for the bigger gentleman. The rugged style of this coat is ideal for any larger man. As this jacket’s length is longer than that of a bomber or most leather jackets, the field jacket creates a slimmer effect.
Field Jacket - Practical

The various front pockets draw attention to a bigger chest and shoulder area, complimenting a bigger man’s build. Jackets in dark blue, green, or brown hues look great in this style. For the more adventurous, some versions of this jacket have appeared in shades of bright orange or taupe.

The field jacket is ideal for layering and easily accommodates a warm sweater or cardigan during the cooler months. However, due to the various pockets and detailing, avoid overlaying so as not to create unwanted bulk.

So there you have it, three options for the casual outer layer for the cooler months. Unless you live in the tropics, or never venture out during the day on weekends, you're going to need at least one of them.  And don't forget, above all else, the right fit is key for the bigger man. To guarantee it, check out


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