Men's Style - Ooze It. Confidence and the Cravat.

Cravat manOK, so you're down with the basics. You have at least a couple of suits including navy and grey. A range of great fitting business and dress shirts along with a coordinated collection of ties. Raw denim jeans (selvedge of course). A navy blazer. Oxford cap shoes. The brogues. A cashmere sweater or two.
Yes, yes all the basics are in place.

But something's lacking.


If you stroll down Saville Row you'll fit right in. No-one will blink an eye. Enter any store and you'll tangibly sense the approval from the shop assistants - you're one of us. You fit in. It's because what you're wearing is a little bit like, well, it's a bit like... a uniform.

Is that what it's about? Uniformity?

Of course not.

All these pieces, these "gentleman's wardrobe essentials", we fully support. They are indeed foundation elements of a classically styled wardrobe. It's a start. But now it's time to build on that, to put your stamp on it and make it your own.


Is in the details. Typically, the choice of tie. The watch. The socks. The hat. The pocket square. All the modern, somewhat standard, men's accessories. Along with their various flavours - stripes, checks, dots, colours, fabrics... in the right combination you'll certainly be looking the goods.

But, again, it's still that Saville Row uniform isn't it?

What to do? How to really individualise it? How to OWN it?

Well, we think we have an answer for you.

Consider... The Cravat.

Paul Tinsdale
Paul Tinsdale - 2 worlds collide - football & cravats
It's making a comeback.

The cravat first appeared in the 1600's when the Parisians spotted the Croats wearing cloths wrapped around their neck as a charm against injury. The French thought it was rather dashing and a trend was born.

Its usage evolved over the centuries until more recently, dandies aside, the cravat has been seen as somewhat old-school, even antiquarian.

Now a modern-day revival is emerging.

Cravats are gaining traction with the younger, mod, dapper male generation and they're seeing the light of day with the more traditional gent as well.

And The Style Magnate approves.

Cravat Club, an online store specialising in cravats, is a company leading the charge.
"It seems gentlemen these days have ditched the traditional necktie for casual or semi-formal occasions and tend to wear an open shirt instead. This can be seen somewhat 'lack-lustre' if you’re trying to dress to impress. Adding a day cravat to an outfit completes the look and emanates a sense of cultivated style and individualism." - Jennifer Meguro, Cravat Club
Cravat club's cover man
Cravat Club's cover man showing how it's done
Besides adding that air of panache and charisma, the cravat is more comfortable than a tie, and we'd suggest more versatile. Day Cravats (or Ascots in the US) are typically worn around the neck and tucked inside the collar of a shirt. That said, there's room for experimentation - tuck it into a polo shirt, or show off more of the cravat design by wearing it on the outside of the shirt paired with a tailored suit or jacket.

It's up to you. You're the individual.


Perhaps not for the faint-hearted, you need to be confident to wear one. So it follows that if you're wearing one then you are confident. And let's face it, on top of style, individualism, a touch of panache, and a dose of attitude, that's exactly what you want to be exuding. Right?

So take the step. Be bold. Work it. Give the cravat a run.

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